ECD Ovonics

Corporate Branding

ECD Ovonics is a genius of a company that has been bringing cutting-edge technology to the world. You know those rewritable CDs and DVDs you’ve been using? Yup, that’s ECD Ovonics’ development. And so is the technology of flexible solar panels, hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles, ¬†and more.

ECD Ovonics needed a complete brand makeover plus marketing for each division. They asked us how they could unify their 6 different brands to feel like they were all coming from one company. Challenging, because the brands are so diverse. Here are the new logos for each division. The icons within each logo relates to the technology of that particular brand.

Collateral Materials


We helped market each division. Here is an example of a brochure for the Hydrogen company.

Trade show Design and Demo Room


In addition to designing all of ECD Ovonics’ trade show displays, we also helped to create their “demo room.” The demo room is like a mini-museum of all of ECD Ovonics’ technologies. Everything in the room is powered by solar.

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