Do people really want to conduct business via digital message?

The way businesses are connecting with customers is constantly changing. One of the latest trends is communicating through digital messaging, and it’s on the rise. People’s preferences are shifting, and 56% would rather message than call customer service, and 67% expect to message businesses over the next two years. Check out the full infographic.




Your First Date With Online PR


92% of shoppers have more confidence in online info vs. anything from a sales clerk or other source. 65% of consumers report that a digital brand experience has changed their opinion. This infographic gives you the low-down about online PR. 


How To Increase Your Online Influence


Online Public Relations: Opportunity & Results


It was a great 2014! Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

A Winter Essential: Hot Chocolate Recipes

As the temperatures dip and the snow arrives, here is your essential guide to a great cup of hot chocolate. We’ve set up a hot chocolate bar at the office and recommend that you do the same! Enjoy!


Celebrating Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!

It’s Spring! Time To Make Your Business Bloom!

Happy Spring! Get out there and grow your business and career! But before you get started, here’s some good, inspirational fertilizer. Apply liberally.

It’s Monday. Go get ’em.

How to Fall (Back) in Love with Your Work

In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, AMSTERLAND created this very special infographic just for you.

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